The Making of an Agent

Austin Steinbart is a 29 year old Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Agent from Chandler, Arizona. For over a decade, from the time he was 17 years old, he has been working undercover on various missions for the DIA, in a capacity he refers to as a "private contractor", ostensibly the "plausible deniability" necessary for an Agent in the field.

The DIA is a secretive organization that was started by John F. Kennedy to combat the psychopathic Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), an off-shoot of the Marine Intelligence Unit 666 (MI6) formed by the German-bloodline Royal Family sitting on the British Throne. The DIA has been conducting operations ever since it's inception to set the stage for what is occurring today with Trump's overhaul of our corrupt government and the "Great Awakening" brought to the American People through the U.S. Military's truth-telling psychological operation known as "QAnon".


  • Opening Act

    One of the front-organizations of the DIA was a high school that Austin attended, and after he recognized that a protest happening at his high school was actually an intelligence operation, he was selected to begin operations training. His first objective was to infiltrate Cuba by joining a Christian-missions trip as cover to get into the country at a time when most U.S. citizens were not legally allowed to travel to Cuba. read more

  • 2007First Mission to Cuba

    While in Cuba, Austin met a young Information Technology (IT) professional that worked for the government, and became life-long friends. Through a fortuitous twist of fate, that young man went onto become Cuba’s President, Miguel Diaz-Canel. This unique friendship will become the necessary back channel to "squash the beef" with Cuba after the 2020 election. read more

  • 2009Air Force Academy > Arizona State University

    After successfully completing the Cuba objective, Austin began making plans to attend the Air Force Academy. Training to become a fighter pilot was a lifelong dream, which he was well-equipped to handle, scoring extremely high in the aptitude and physical ability testing. Yet "fate" stepped in, and one month before he was set to join he had is acceptance revoked due to an unforeseen gluten allergy. Frustrated, but still open to explore whatever was in store, he enrolled in Arizona State University. read more

  • 2011Formation of IT Business

    It was only 2 short years before a new plan emerged, and Austin dropped out to establish a Point-of-Sale IT Systems business. Given Austin's technological prowess, the business became the perfect cover to gain access to a wide variety of targets of his undercover operations with the DIA. It was rebranded to Steinbart Merchant Solutions, LLC in 2014. read more

  • 2014Hotel & Data Center Infiltration, Backpage Shutdown

    Due to the nature of how IT professionals are assigned jobs from vendors, Austin was able to successfully infiltrate a number of different large hotel chains, including: Marriott, Hilton, Embassy Suites, Hamilton Inn and La Quinta. Using a number of spying "sniffer" gadgets, affectionately called "raspberry pies" (Pine 64), he began to build the data-backbone of one tentacle of the vicious child-trafficking operation in the United States, monitoring the activity of websites such as the infamous "Backpage", the owners of which are now behind bars. read more

  • 2015Iron Mountain Infiltration

    He was able to infiltrate a number of large data centers in need of assistance of a 3rd party IT professional. One, in particular, called Iron Mountain, located in the Phoenix area had an advanced military-grade security system. Once inside and alone, Austin had complete and total access to not only mountains of data, but rows upon rows of sensitive physical evidence stored in boxes. read more

  • 2016Operation Burnback

    Shortly before the 2016 election, at a crucial moment in time, Austin began Operation Burnback. With the advent of the release of a trove of incriminating emails through Julian Assange's Wikileaks, Austin began the Psychological Operation (PsyOp) of placing hand-selected, and particularly damning emails, of Hillary's Clinton's nefarious activities into targeted regions of the nation via social media information loops. In this initial truth-telling PsyOp, Austin managed to depress the enthusiasm in those targeted areas that could have swayed the election for Hillary Clinton. "Quarterbacking" through social media, Austin began building a global network of hacker-misfits with hearts of gold and ready to "dig" into any target connected to the corruption in government. read more

  • 2017QAnon "Go Order"

    Following the success of Burnback, plans were drawn to begin a full-scale PsyOp that would reach not only the nation, but the world at large. Never before, in the course of human history, has something so grand been attempted to correct the course of the world's psychopathic power-brokers. This small group of individuals pull every conceivable string in modern-day society: our entrenched bureaucracy, morally-bankrupt government agencies, major industry, and especially the CIA-controlled Entertainment Industry, the tentacle of destructive programming and propoganda. Having already signed the historic "Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Human Rights Abuses and Corruption", President Trump gave the go-order in October of 2017 at a press event, flanked on either side by the military's top brass and their spouses. read more

  • 2018QAnon's Rapid Rise

    In early November, an Anonymous account calling itself "Q" began posting on 4chan, the Dark Web's free-speech internet forum, and a hub of raw human intelligence. Hackers and enthusiasts alike balked at the information at first, but as more and more informative postings, known as "drops", were presented, it became clear that Q was the ultimate government insider with apparent knowledge of future events. "Future Proves Past" became the oft-repeated slogan for each "proof" that came to pass, as time went along. Harnessing the power of the internet, those hacker misfits began to digging into the targets of the Q drops, spurred by the Socratic-method of raising the question rather than the answer. This "drip-nurture campaign" of truth-telling lead the unknowing masses down a rabbit hole of deeply disturbing facts involving human trafficking, child torture, rape and sacrifice... human rights abuses worse than any conceivable hell on earth. read more

  • 2020The Big Reveal

    After an extended period of time of the Q Community publicly pushing for someone to "Ask the Q", which was "Who is Q?"... an obscure YouTuber named Austin Steinbart answers the question.

    "I am Q... this is my operation." It kicked off a firestorm in the Q Community, and many to this day refuse to even consider the possibility. Unfortunately, they do so without ever having watched a single video Austin has made. read more

Future Outcomes

The three primary objectives for Steinbart Media, and an imperative of anyone supporting Austin's message, is to push for the Internet Bill of Rights, the destruction of the psychopathic CIA, and the rebuilding of the FBI from the ground up, removing it's Counter Intelligence Responsibilities. Each objective is specifically targeted to move us forward on the path of peace, prosperity, and individual liberty.


Space Force

There is a tremendous amount of mind-blowing technology waiting in the wings, and Space Force will be the branch of the military to bring it out into the public. The first phase of Space Force's true mission lies in the "IT project" of securing the "Constellation" satellite system, known as Starlink. The Internet Bill of Rights (IBOR) will be guiding the security of what will eventually become the Quantum Internet. Currently, the Space Force falls under the Air Force, but after the election, in time, it will subsume the Air Force, NASA, and air-traffic control among other faulty and entrenched bureaucracies.


Quantum Internet

SpaceX, a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) front company is currently launching tens of thousands of cube satellites into very low earth orbit in what's known as a "constellation", or mesh-network. It will blanket the entire Earth with ultra-low latency, high-speed internet for every human being who has a pizza-box sized dish to tap into. This one-time purchase is all that's necessary for free internet, courtesy of the United States Military, and protected by the future Internet Bill of Rights (IBOR). By 2030 the Constellation will support the Quantum Internet.

What is Qanon?