Judge For Yourself

Austin is an unofficial, off-book subcontractor for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and he's been working to expose global corruption for over a decade. He was recruited at age of 17 unbeknownst to his friends and family and kept that secrecy going up until early 2020. It was at that point he was ordered to reveal his true identity putting a name and face to the Q Operation. In the videos below he explains his role in the Military Intelligence Operation known as "Qanon" to disseminate truthful information.

Black Ops 101

This is the video that started it all. It's Austin's explanation for how our government went sideways due to a secret government organization called Delta-Six (D6) that was meant to protect us. Buckle up, its a ride!

Who is Q?

Austin's story is entirely human. No flashy Hollywood effects and glossy storytelling. He has been required to tell the world his role in the Q operation... and this is that introduction.

November Surprise

For the past 6 years, Austin Steinbart has been collecting evidence to expose a global "syndicate" of corrupt actors working in concert with the CIA and the FBI. Austin is now on the record for claiming to be working for the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) while conducting a live military operation called "Operation QAnon". Now that Austin has been charged with "extortion," he will be entering the Amorphous Archive into official federal court record as evidence to be used in perpetuity for any case relating to evidence found therein.

Space Force

Austin tells the world all about the Space Force, it's purpose and objectives including its link to SpaceX. He also reveals that the Space Force will be based at Luke [Space Force] Base in Arizona and how the Air Force and NASA will be rolled into the newest Military branch.

Q+ Explained

One of the most mind-bending aspects of the Q Military Intelligence Operation is the concept of Q+, the future Space Force Commander, posting to the boards in the present. Austin draws an analogy to paint a picture.

Russia Hacks

The 'Russian Hacks' was a tremendously successful Deep State (CIA) psychological operation to take the blame away from John Podesta who gave his password away to hackers, and the revenge murder of Seth Rich. Austin also gets into in the preposterously corrupt actions of the FBI, Crowdstrike and Ronna McDaniel.

What is Wikileaks

Wikileaks the Holy Grail of leaked government documents. Austin explains the veracity of this organization and why they can be trusted above all other news organizations.

Quantum Internet

This may be the single most mind-bending video that Austin put out. It explains the technology that was once referred to as ETI or Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Keep an open mind!

What is the Eye

Symbolism has been at the core of the power of the Royal Death Racket (Global Cabal). Austin explains that Satanism and its symbolism is an 'ideological operating system' used to control through fear.

Watching a movie

Q often relayed the idea that to better understand the events playing out and the “actors” involved, to think of it like a movie. This video serves as the trailer. It’s a primer for Q’s Drops, themes, and cast of characters. [Disclaimer by Author: the content presented may not be 100% accurate, it was created with a working knowledge at the time.]

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