Welcome to the gateway that started it all! The Amorphous Archive is the carefully curated files and Wikileaks emails that point to the vicious criminality that's been going on behind the scenes in the United States government. As you browse the Amorphous Archive, pay attention to the fact that virtually every piece of damning information contained within is a prosecutable offense. The criminals involved in this massive conspiracy truly believe they are above the law, and their actions cannot be prosecuted because they are protected.

With the death of John McCain, the former commander of Delta-Six (D6), the covert paramilitary wing of the CIA, all bets are off. The protection that once existed is no more, and like a house of cards it's all going to come crashing down. How, you might ask? With Austin's arrest for the alleged computer crimes against a company known as Datto... a company that tried to destroy the Hillary Clinton emails that were stored on its servers... a company for which Austin paid to store the Amorphous Archive, his activism to retrieve his stolen property being the genesis for the arrest... he will be entering into the official federal court record this exact archive to be used in perpetuity for any case relating to the evidence found therein. Are you starting to see the bigger picture yet?

What you are about to dig into... is nothing short of history in the making. Enjoy and browse diligently!

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