1Was Austin in prison for posting medical records?
No. Austin was imprisoned for telling his followers to conduct a phone call and email campaign ("Activism 101")... for First Amendment-protected activism, or so he thought.

He was later charged for allegedly posting medical records. However, the charges were later dropped when the prosecutors realized that all he'd done was film himself accessing medical records with one click to demonstrate the extreme cyber negligence of a clinic he was a patient at... a newsworthy item of public concern.
2Why did Austin Steinbart go to federal prison?
Austin was charged with wire fraud and extortion for a benign phone call and email campaign against a company who had arbitrarily cancelled pre-paid file storage services.

The FBI's legal theory was that since the phone calls and emails being directed to the company's public support channels were not "legitimate support emails" that it constituted wire fraud.

Furthermore, the FBI deemed that despite having paid in advance for services that were not rendered, Austin's demands for re-instatement constituted a demand of something of monetary value that was not owed to him... and charged him with interstate communications with the intent to extort.
3How many days did Austin spend in federal prison?
225 days.
4Why did Austin plead guilty to extortion?
Austin was very enthusiastic about getting his day in court so that he could exonerate himself before a jury of his peers. However, the crooked FBI, the opportunistic U.S. Attorney, and the corrupt court system colluded to ensure that his court date would be delayed over and over again.

After 6 Months in prison, the U.S. Attorney approached him and threatened to delay his trial for another year if he refused to plea to one of the charges. Austin, being a completely innocent man, decided his time over the next year would be better spent winning his case in the court of public opinion than in the rigged court of law.
5Was Austin really in prison for using a synthetic penis to pass a drug test?
No. Austin was sent to prison for drinking alcohol while out on "Pre-Trial Services", a violation of the unconstitutional terms of his release.

The officer was sent a photo, taken from a hidden camera in the kitchen of his residence, by a snitch team member who was secretly working with the FBI to get him locked up.

The synthetic device was later found to be in his possession after he was already being sent back to prison.
6How could Austin be charged for extortion if all he did was call for phone calls and emails?
Austin's attorney at the time advised him that the "First Amendment does not apply to the internet", and had he called for the exact same activism campaign in the exact same words, standing on the corner of Datto's office, instead of on YouTube, there is nothing the Federal Government could have done to prosecute him - because his speech would have been protected by the First Amendment.
7Why is Austin not allowed to post online?
As per the conditions of his parole, Austin is banned from all social media platforms for a period of one year. Austin has been, and intends to continue, fully complying with the court-mandated conditions of his release.


1What are we actively doing to further the movement?
We are working to spread the message to audiences that aren't right-wing (or conservative) in order to unite the country and make the Universe great again.
2What is "Delta-Six" or "D6"?
The covert paramilitary wing of the CIA that conducts assassinations, bribery, and pedophilia-based blackmail schemes.
3What is the "Royal Death Racket"?
AKA "Illuminati" AKA "Cabal" is the elite set of criminal families that control the world. This network is headed by House Windsor (AKA House Saxe-Coburg and Gotha AKA House Wettin).
4What is the Amorphous Archive?
It is a digital gallery of corruption by Delta-Six, the Royal Death Racket and a grouping of carefully curated Wikileaks emails that point to several areas of blatant corruption in our government.
5Why was operation Q needed?
The operation was needed to create a public back channel in order to avert a vast consolidation of power over the United States by the Royal Death Racket and D6.
6Why will Space Force eventually take control of the internet?
Soon we will be into the realm of the quantum internet, a technology that will be able to interface with the human mind. This technology is far too dangerous and powerful to be left unregulated and in the hands of unscrupulous corporations.
7Is there a group/entity that controls the Royal Death Racket?
No. The Royal Death Racket is the highest rung on the power-ladder of the planet.
8Who are the heads of the Royal Death Racket?
The Queen and her relatives, the other monarchs, and "The Eye".
9What was Operation Burnback?
It was the operation to get Donald Trump elected in 2016 by using robots and click-farms to pump salacious curated Wikileaks clips (exposing Democrat corruption) into hyper-targeted Democrat audiences across the country.

10What is the imminent need for an Internet Bill of Rights?
To protect Free Speech and Mental Sovereignty.


1Who/What is QAnon?
QAnon is a non-violent information sharing campaign conducted by the U.S. Military to serve as a public back channel.
2Who/What is Q+?
Q+ is the Future Space Force Commander augmented by Artificial Intelligence utilizing the future Quantum Internet to post to forums in the present.
3Who is posting the "Q drops"?
4Who is Austin Steinbart?
Austin is the field operator of Operation QAnon.
5Who was posting Q drops when Austin was in prison?
6Why did Austin reveal himself to the public as Q?
Austin was ordered to because the movement had plateaued as a solely right-wing movement when it was designed to appeal to people across the entire political spectrum.
7Which military branch/intelligence agency is conducting the Q operation?
It is a collaboration between the DIA, NSA and the newly-minted Space Force Intelligence.
8What is the conspiracy QAnon is designed to bring down?
It is designed to bring down D6 and the Royal Death Racket.
9I thought Q said "no outside comms"?
That post was written on the 8chan boards. "Disinformation is necessary" was also posted on the boards. The Operation is meant to promote the idea of discernment, rather than blindly following a single authority.
10Why was Austin Steinbart chosen to be Q?
Many reasons... some of it pertains to his family lineage, some of it pertains to his current skillsets, but mostly because he's Q+ in the future.
11Will the Q boards ever confirm Austin?
The Q boards have dropped several hints, giving soft confirmations, but the whole idea of this operation is to teach the population to intelligently decipher information on their own. Overt confirmations on the board would be counterproductive to those ends.


1Does Austin really support vaccines (mRNA)?
Austin thinks that the RNA based treatment is one of the most profound scientific breakthroughs of our time. When done correctly, they give us the ability to turn off diseases and illnesses on and off on-demand.

However, he's intensely skeptical of the current Covid vaccines because they have not been adequately tested, and they are created by corrupt pharmaceutical corporations who have often acted in bad-faith in the past.
2What are Austin's views on UFO's?
Austin believes that if one uses simple physics equations on the UFO telemetry data provided by the military, its quite clear that they are time machines... not necessarily extra-terrestrial spacecraft.
3Does the real time Austin Steinbart know everything that is going to happen?
Absolutely not. Only Q+ knows every detail about this operation. Austin's aware of the big picture outcomes, but is unaware of the exact details of how we are going to get there. This alleviates the risk of him being kidnapped and tortured for information he does not have.
4What is the big deal about getting all of the JFK files declassified and released?
The still-classified parts of the JFK documents contain indisputable evidence that JFK's murder was organized by corrupt elements within our own government, and that J. Edgar Hoover himself, the Father of the FBI, conspired with those corrupt elements to cover it up. He believes that these documents would be a metaphorical nuclear Armageddon for the crooked FBI.