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The Commander

Austin Steinbart is a 30 year old Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Agent from Chandler, Arizona. For over a decade, from the time he was 17 years old, He's been working undercover on various missions for the DIA, in a capacity he refers to as a "private contractor", ostensibly the "plausible deniability" necessary for an Agent in the field.

Austin has been gathering evidence of a vast global crime network called "The Syndicate" which operates in secret utilizing the Delta-Six classification. The "Amorphous Archive"(AA) tells the whole story, and Austin exposed it all. But knowing how radioactive this information was, the CIA targeted Austin and leaned on Datto, the company Austin contracted to store the AA. This set off a chain of events eventually leading to Austin's arrest and imprisonment by the FBI. The crime? Telling people to engage in standard online activism by calling and emailing Datto for removing Austin's access to his work. Austin Steinbart is an American hero and America's Julian Assange.

He is the Original Digital Soldier.

Check out the timeline of his story including the dates each of his Constitutional Rights were violated.

Call To Action

📢 YOU CAN HELP AUSTIN. 1 Tell your friends about Austin Steinbart, 2 show them his Black Ops 101 video, and 3 send them here to learn about what we all can do to make the necessary changes to our system of government so that We the People regain control.

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