Austin wants to continue this push for everyday Americans to get out and affect the change they seek in our government. It was always apart of the plan to first educate the population, giving them the information necessary to stand in truth, then second, encourage people to get involved, bringing a message of unity and encouraging anyone who's confused with the current state of affairs to take another look at Donald Trump's policies. Support Hive and the new emerging Blockchain technologies that prevent Big Tech censorship.

Will Sommer interviews Austin Steinbart

Austin responds to tough questions from Will Sommer regarding Q movement, getting railroaded by FBI, prison sentence, Amen Clinic situation, and more...

Affiliated Channels

These affiliated channels were created under the banner of Steinbart Media Group, but they are very much standalone channels that host a wide variety of topics of interest. Each has its own unique flavor with the added benefit of guidance from Austin on topics that are of paramount importance.


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