We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit all-volunteer army. The Steinbart Media Group website is our flagship website to set the record straight on Austin Steinbart, once and for all, and provide a portal for those interested parties to find the most relevant, concise information that will help paint the proper context for what is going on today. Those interested in volunteering will find options to submit an application on the menu sidebar and contacts page. Additionally, we encourage any media figures who are open-minded to reach out to us to setup an interview.

We have two additional sites planned under the SMG banner: a News Aggregation Site with original content, and a Fact-Check Site to push back on the ridiculous Deep-State garbage propoganda sites like Snopes and

Seeking the truth is one of the most critical skills a start up media company needs to succeed, but it doesn’t always come naturally. Over time, and with the collaboration in projects with others this will become easier. So long as we all remember the core values of this organization, and our mission statement, we will be successful in our efforts.

THE TRUTH IS OUR GUIDE - If we are always honest with ourselves and others, we do not have to lower ourselves to remembering the lies we've told. This is especially true when honoring the stories we are researching or reporting on. These are not OUR stories, selective editing is not okay just to make something seem more scandalous. We are not here to create fiction, nor are we here to lie to the public who has already suffered enough.

HONOR BOUND - We honor the law, the Constitution, and the rights of the people. We respect others when they are telling their story, as we would want their respect when telling ours. We protect our sources who do not wish to be named as best we can. We protect those who no longer have voices of their own, speak for them when they lack the courage to do so, and provide them with the virtual shoulder to lean on for strength when needed.

LEAD BY EXAMPLE - Know that we are human and will make mistakes; when we do, we must own our mistakes and make the necessary apologies. When you are "in public" or on social media, you are a representative of Steinbart Media, and a reflection on us. Please think how your actions would make us look should another alt media company become aware.

MISSION READY - We are courageous, battle tested, ready and hungry to make this world a better place. This places a great responsibility into our hands, with keys to change the future. We would in a collaborative style, with transparency, wit. h our mission always in mind. ALWAYS ask "Is what I am doing for the GREATER GOOD?" If your answer is no, then stop and re-evaluate your goals and reasons for what you are about to do.


  • Press Release 9.28.20
    STEINBART MEDIA GROUP IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH MONETIZING MEMBERS OF QANON SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, September 27, 2020 — Steinbart Media Group (SMG) is not affiliated nor associated […]
  • Press Release 9.18.20
    EVANGELICAL LEADERSHIP PAINTING MILITARY INTELLIGENCE OPERATION AS ANCIENT GNOSTICISM RELIGION SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, September 18, 2020 —The Evangelical church leaders also have something to say about QAnon. […]
  • Press Release 9.14.20
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