QAnon "Go Order"

Following the success of Burnback, plans were drawn to begin a full-scale PsyOp that would reach not only the nation, but the world at large. Never before, in the course of human history, has something so grand been attempted to correct the course of the world's psychopathic power-brokers. This small group of individuals pull every conceivable string in modern-day society: our entrenched bureaucracy, morally-bankrupt government agencies, major industry, and especially the CIA-controlled Entertainment Industry, the tentacle of destructive programming and propoganda. Having already signed the historic "Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Human Rights Abuses and Corruption", President Trump gave the go-order in October of 2017 at a press event, flanked on either side by the military's top brass and their spouses.


What is “QAnon”?

This video was originally published on the YouTube Platform on March 8th, 2020 with the following description:

"QAnon" is a military intelligence operation targeting a ruthless medieval conspiracy. / / It was designed to invoke a MASSIVE online grassroots movement, bypass FAKE NEWS, and distribute VITAL information directly to PATRIOTS (much like the "Common Sense" pamphlet during the American revolution)

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