QAnon's Rapid Rise

In early November, an Anonymous account calling itself Q began posting on 4chan, the Dark Web's free-speech internet forum, and a hub of raw human intelligence. Hackers and enthusiasts alike balked at the information at first, but as more and more informative postings, known as drops, were presented, it became clear that Q was the ultimate government insider with apparent knowledge of future events.

Future Proves Past became the oft-repeated slogan for each "proof" that came to pass, as time went along. Harnessing the power of the internet, those hacker misfits began to digging into the targets of the Q drops, spurred by the Socratic-method of raising the question rather than the answer. This drip-nurture campaign of truth-telling lead the unknowing masses down a rabbit hole of deeply disturbing facts involving human trafficking, child torture, rape and sacrifice... human rights abuses worse than any conceivable hell on earth.